What can you as a member do, to help SAMRO help you

There are number of critical issues that you can contribute to this partnership. These are:

  • regular, accurate notification of new works

  • changes in your personal details - you need to update us with your personal information, so we can contact you when necessary e.g. may be with regard to a query on a distribution, or potentially when we want to notify you of some important event or occurrence such as the recent decision to go into mechanical rights

  • quick response to requests for information e.g. many members take long to provide their deed of assignments, heirs not providing last will and testaments - so cannot be elected. These are imperative in getting people elected as members. Also the provision of bank details so we can make the royalty payments etc

  • submission of program returns - information in respect of live performances need to be provided, so we can ensure that your music is part of the distribution

  • jingle code information - provision of flighting codes for jingles, as well as the name and contact details of the production house responsible for the creation of the jingle

  • provision of cue sheets - ensuring that the broadcaster has cue sheet information for your works, so if we follow up on a query on the broadcast schedule, they have the information

  • quick response to requests for information:

    • provision of a deed of assignment so we can proceed with an applicant's election to membership

    • bank account details - failing which, monies cannot be paid out timeously

    • provision of a last will and testament so your heirs can be elected and the benefits you have earned can be passed on to your loved ones in the untimely event of your death

    • cue sheets play a vital role in identifying the musical works in a film carrier

    • notifying SAMRO of performances and venues when our artists perform overseas

    • members not notifying us of their pseudonyms - we are unable to link and identify the works

    This document which was kindly supplied by Mr Greg Zoghby of SAMRO can be downloaded here.

    All enquiries to SAMRO:
    011 489 5000